over 50k in prizes

About  Wakefest  Tennessee


Ride with the Pro's (Must Call TNT to schedule)

Registration 4pm-7pm

Party 8pm at Fish Lipz




Registration 8am-9:00am

Contest starts promptly at 9AM!

Grom's 9 and Under (no inverts/spins)

Jrs 10-13yrs (no inverts/spins)

Prizes for Grom and Jr (please hang around announcement dock.)

Lift E-Foil Expressions Session- World Record Attempt

Beginner (no inverts/spins over 180's)

Intermediate (3 inverts/no spins over 180's)

Prizes for Beginner and Intermediate

Pro Women

Pro Men

Prizes for Pro at Fishlipz

Pro Women 

1st $3,000

2nd $2,500

3rd $2,000

4th $1,000

Pro Men 

1st $7,500

2nd $4,000

3rd $2,000

4th $1,500

5th $1,000

6th $500

Prizes for Pro Riders Saturday Night at 8pm at Fish Lipz Bar and Grill at Pates Ford Marina.


Registration 8AM-9AM

Starts at 9AM

Women (1 invert limit no spins over 180's)

Advanced (5 invert limit/no spins over 540s)

Prizes for Divisions on the barge

Lift E-Foil Expression Session

Jr. Pro Women (WWA)

Jr. Pro Men (WWA)

Outlaw (No 900's)

Prizes for all 3 divisions on the barge.

25k Shoot out- Must be pre-registered. 


Prizes for Shootout at Fishlipz Sunday night. 


FREE Boat Access Only Wakeboarding Tournament Hosted by TNT Watersports & Pates Ford Marina on Center Hill Lake at Stillhouse Creek.

Attention Houseboats Coming to Wakefest! You are not allowed to tie to shore at Wakefest. The Core of Engineers and TWRA have restricted this because someone cut down trees last year at Wakefest. In order to have the permit we have to tie to mooring balls. These can be rented by calling Sligo Marina 615-597-5245. Each mooring ball holds four houseboats. This is only for houseboats not runabouts. Small boats are free to come and watch or you can anchor yourself off to the side. 


6323 Jefferson Road Smithville, TN 37166


WakeFest is a community outreach event designed to promote the sport of wakeboarding.  It has grown so much over the years, and we look forward to watching all the riders duke it out. The event will be held on Center Hill Lake with home base Pates Ford Marina. The tournament is for spectators as well as riders and their families.  

 This is an on-water tournament, so you must have a ride to the tournament site. 

In 2012, Wakefest re-located to Pates Ford Marina at Center Hill Lake in order to expand and attract and even larger group of riders and spectators. The re-location was a success with over 75 riders and 2000 spectators making it one of the largest grassroots tournaments in the Southeast.


Continuing with this success, this year’s event will include a Pro Womens and Pro Mens Tournament on Saturday and Pro Shootout on Sunday. The Jr. Pro Women and Jr. Pro Men will be competing Sunday and it will be insane to watch. The riding schedule is to the left.


Pro & Outlaw awards are given at Fishlipz Bar at Pates Ford. All other awards are given out at the barge on site. Please try to stick around so that your rider will be able to to be on the podium. After they ride just hang around until you hear the announcement about awards. 


Pates Ford Marina Cabins, Houseboats and Camp Sites and Rentals

6323 Jefferson Road Smithville, TN 37166



Primitive Camping on Center Hill Lake-


The Retreat at Center Hill Lake


Results 2020

WakeFest 2021

at Pates Ford Marina, Smithville, TN


Congratulations to all our Winners and Riders at Wakefest 2022.  We look forward to next years event! 


2022 Winners:

25k Shootout Winner: Tyler Higham

Pro Men:

1st Nic Rapa

2nd Guenther Oka

3rd Cory Teunissen

4th Kai Ditsch

5th Tyler Higham

6th Noah Flegel


Pro Women:

1st Bec Gange

2nd Megan Ethel

3rd Dallas Friday

4th Tarah Mikacich

5th Hollie Waldrop

6th Jamie Lopna

Jr. Pro Men

1st Daniel Johnson

2nd Barrett Swope

3rd Beaux Wildman

Jr Pro Women

1st  Shea Cooper

2nd  Stella Tracey

3rd  Jordan Wolfe






1st  Brody  Westland

2nd William  McCormack

3rd Condrey Hunt



1st   Frank Adkins

2nd  Brody Spriggs

3rd  David Mobley



1st  Brooke Dyer

2nd   Colton Lynch

3rd  Braydon Dyer


1st   Zoey Carroll

2nd  Natalie Peruzzi

3rd Mandy Perry


1st  Chase Mentzer

2nd  Rhodes Mobley

3rd Alton Womack



1st Noah Ramsey

2nd  Stephen Brinkley

3rd Rhett Judy


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